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Diagnostic Evaluations

One of the unique functions of a psychologist is the training and expertise in performing psychological evaluations and testing. Dr. Fabrikant has had extensive training and experience in this area. Over the past 30 years Dr. Fabrikant has performed thousands of different evaluations for a number of different purposes.

The general purpose of testing can range from just learning more about the emotional or behavioral profile of a patient to determining the level of cognitive functioning (IQ). Testing is also used for schools purposes, requests by various agencies for concerns like “Fitness to Parent”, to custody issues to other court mandated testing.

Psychological testing may include several steps. Initially, Dr. Fabrikant will conduct a Clinical Interview. This is a one to one meeting with the testee to further learn why the testing might be necessary and to obtain a clinical history. Included in this will be the assessing levels of adaptive and intellectual functioning, and beginning to formulate hypotheses regarding problem areas, defenses, and potential diagnosis. Based upon this interview and the referral questions Dr. Fabrikant will then arrange for the formal testing. These are usually paper and pencil tests that can last anywhere from one to several hours. Typically several different tests will be administered.

Once the formal testing is completed the test will be scored and the results assessed. The results from various sources will be reviewed, analyzed and combined. A formal report is then written and sent to the referral source.

It is important to note that the need and choice of tests used are specifically and uniquely tailored to the person being evaluated and the referral questions being asked.

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