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Psychotherapy can be looked at as a form of treatment for difficulties stemming from emotional and/or behavioral problems. A highly trained person establishes a rapport where the patient/individual will be guided and assisted through difficult situations and will be able to make changes in their behavioral and emotional response to varying stimuli.

Psychotherapy can be viewed as a learning process ranging from handling stressful situations to more complex psychological problems. Psychotherapy, sometimes called talk therapy, is used to deal with a number of different issues. Dr. Fabrikant works with a patients suffering from the below as well as other disorders.

  • Depression
    • Chronic
    • Severe
    • Mild
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Anger and Anger Management issues
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
    • Child
    • Adult
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Living Longer Issue (Geriatric Care)
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Relationship Issues (Marital, Same Sex)

Adult Psychotherapy:

This treatment is usually accomplished by meeting with the adult on an individual basis. Sessions typically last about 45 to 50 minutes in length and may occur between one to two times per week. Initially, a history is taken. Then the patient focuses directly on problems or difficulties they may be having. Dr. Fabrikant offers suggestions for ameliorating or eliminating the problematic situations or thoughts.

Child Psychotherapy:

Child Psychotherapy is a form of treatment for children ranging in age from 6/7 years old up to about 11/12 years old. Very typically Dr. Fabrikant engages the child in some sort of play. This will enable the child to become comfortable in the treatment situation. While the play is going on Dr. Fabrikant with be discussing problems and potential changes that the child should be making. One of the important aspects is that this procedure be done in an age appropriate manner. Parents are an integral part of the process and are met with when necessary. Many times, parents need to change their way of handling their child in order to facilitate any kind of change in behavior of the child. In addition, parents may be incorporated to provide guidance for the child in between treatment sessions.

Adolescent Psychotherapy:

This psychotherapy process entails working with teenagers ranging in age from about 11/12 years old up to about 18 years of age. Sometimes this can extend into college age individuals. There can be a multitude of different reason for seeking or being sent for treatment. These can range from themselves, to parents, school teachers and administrators, extra curricular instructors and/or coaches, to the courts or as part of a court process. Parents are usually an integral part of the treatment process. They are brought into the process as needed. Confidentiality with a teenager/adolescent is an extremely important issue for them. Care is given to maintain high levels of confidentiality when working with teenagers. Many times parent don’t understand this, or if they do they do not like it. However, it is paramount in working with this age group. Trust is an important issue in all age groups, however, for this population it is even more important.

Many times issues relate to learning problems, sometimes know or referred to as learning disabilities, school phobias and other behavior problems within the school setting. Dr. Fabrikant looks at the teenager as a product of a multitude of different settings, all of which need to be addressed and become part of the therapeutic process.

Family Psychotherapy:

Dr. Fabrikant’s training also includes working with families. Many times parents have difficulty understanding their children and their children’s needs. There are also many styles of parenting. Some of these styles may not be effective or be effective with your child. Parents and children need to have a cohesive bond and style that will work for both. Dr. Fabrikant teaches the parents an interactive style what will be effective in handling their children. This, many times, includes learning how to effectively consequate (positively or negatively) behaviors that their children are displaying. There are also times where children and teenagers need to be heard. The psychotherapeutic process enables this to occur without any repercussions to the child.

Marital/Relationship Psychotherapy:

Marital psychotherapy is sometimes known as relationship therapy. This is especially true in today’s world with more and more couples cohabiting rather then getting married. Dr. Fabrikant provides treatment for all types of relationships. This can range from opposite sex and same sex couples to parent child relationships. The goal is to provide a treatment that will provide for an enduring and lasting positive relationship. Both parties need to learn how to communicate both receptively and expressively, understanding the needs of the other. Dr. Fabrikant helps the parties facilitate any changes in emotion and behavior to have the couple work together for a lasting bond between them.

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